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Residential Pest Control

Pests are a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you have to share your home with them. From common spiders and ants to more serious threats like termites, over 94,000 creepy crawlies can disrupt your peace of mind. Imagine relaxing in your Texas home, enjoying a cool evening breeze on your porch. Suddenly, a trail of ants marches across the floor, or a spider web catches your eye, dangling ominously from the ceiling.

These unwelcome guests not only disrupt your enjoyment of your home, but they can also pose health risks and even cause structural damage. Don't let pests turn your dream home into a battleground!

Commercial Pest Control

Your customers deserve a pest-free environment. It reflects on your brand and keeps your employees and clients healthy. Your customers deserve a pest-free environment. It reflects on your brand – a clean space shows professionalism and attention to detail. Most importantly, it keeps your employees and clients healthy by eliminating the risk of pests spreading bacteria and disease.

Our licensed and experienced technicians use state-of-the-art methods to eliminate pests while adhering to strict safety regulations.

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About Reeves Pest Control

We started providing termite and pest control in 1985 and are members of the Pest Control Association and the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce.

We are licenced by the Structural Pest Control Services (#8081) and the Texas Department of Agriculture. We are also insured for your protection.