I have found a flying insect in my home black with clear wings?
Is the body pinched or straight? If its pinched and red in color it is probably an ant, if its straight and its black you could have termites.
What method of treatment do you offer?
I treat cracks and crevises, doorways, garage, and around foundation, attic.
How do you treat for rodents?
I put bait in the attic, bait is also placed under the refrigarator out of pets and children access.
I have pets and or children should they leave when you treat my home?
I recommend small children not be in the house for at least two hours. I recommend you put your pet up while I'm treating your home. Pets need stay off a lawn that has been treated for at least two hours.
Do I need to have my home or yard retreated if it rains that day or the next?
If it rains after I leave or the next day you will not need a second treatment. The chemicals I use will not break down once I have sprayed. I won't treat the outside if its raining.